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Msemen or Rghaeif (Stuffed Moroccan Bread)

Msemen or Rghaeif (stuffed

Msemen or Rghaief (Stuffed Moroccan flat bread).

I was browsing for Ramadan recipes around the world and I found this recipe.

Once I saw the richness of the ingredients, I had to make it. It is basically a copy-cat version of the one on My Moroccan Food.

The recipe consists of two parts, the dough and the filling. The dough is spongy, very pillow-y & the filling is very aromatic and flavorful.

For the full recipe just click here: Msemen or Rghaeif

The only thing I added to the recipe is some mashed garlic into the filling.

I also pan-baked it on a non-stick pan.



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