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This week I bring a favourite of mine, Johnny-Cakes... Johnny-Cakes are fluffy fried pieces of dough, usually used as bread and filled with cheese, or chicken and even tuna.

This recipe yields 12 units.


500 gr. Self-Rising Flour 1 tablespoon of salt 1 tablespoon of sugar 2 tablespoons of butter (melted) 1/3 cup of water 1/3 cup of milk Vegetable Oil for Frying


  1. Mix all ingredients together until a dough is formed and make 12 balls (same size) and flatten them lightly. Let them rest for 20 minutes.

  2. While the dough is resting, in a frying pan start warming up the oil, on medium heat.

  3. Keep the heat on medium-low, and start frying in batches of 3 units, the technique for frying them is very important, with the spatula keep rotating in the oil, and spooning oil on top of it.

  4. Let the drain the oil into a paper towel. Serve warm.


  1. Keeping the heat on medium helps cook the dough, otherwise, it would brown on the outside and be raw on the inside.

  2. My favorite filling is pulled chicken with garlic sauce.

  3. A healthier version would be baking in- stead of frying.



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