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Leftover Dinner for Brunch

Pumpkin, Asparagus & Salmon

That's right! I left some of the salmon, pumpkin and asparagus uncooked for today's brunch (for those of you not following, last night I made pasta with pumpkin, asparagus and salmon, recipe here). If this is not nutritious I don't really know what is! Nothing can go wrong with an egg in the nest toast! Nothing absolutely nothing is more beautiful that this sight at the moment.

It is pretty simple really! Cooked the asparagus and pumpkin together, salmon and egg in the basket on the same frying in some butter, salt and pepper and voila!

I did not add cream to the vegetables, I just roasted them a bit in butter on the stove.

My secret to not overcook the egg yolk, on the nest is to keep the heat low and cover the pan with a lid, for 5 minutes.



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