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Chicken Burgers & Tomato Jam

Chicken Burgers & Tomato Jam
Chicken Burgers & Tomato Jam

Here I am, at it again... I bring a "healthier" version to a not so healthy dish.... I must say, it does hit the spot for the cravings without a hint of guiltiness. Eating clean doesn't mean not eating good and spoiling your tastes buds.

This recipe yields 2 burgers.


2 chicken breast fillet (season with salt and pepper & grilled)

2 slices of low fat (or skimmed) gouda cheese

4 green lettuce pieces

2 whole wheat burger buns

4 tablespoons of the tomato jam (recipe here)


1. Halved the buns and dry toast them in from the inside in the air fryer or oven, add the lettuce, the chicken when warm, cheese the tomato jam and close with the top part of the bun.

2. Serve alone or with a side salad.


1. This is a hearty version , but any burger condiment would do very good here.

2. I many time mash avocado and use it as mayo on the buns.


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