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Round Potato Fries

Round Potato Fries

This is going to be so easy, I do not need to elaborate much on it. Think of hash browns and that is it.... Lots of potatoes and one egg white, some oil for frying and some mayo and ketchup to dip in, and voila! you've got yourself a nice treat... specially if you made a burger :)

This recipe yields 2 portions or 12 fries medallions.


4 medium size potatoes (grated)

1 egg white (beaten)

Vegetable for frying

Salt to taste


1. In a bowl mix the potatoes, egg whites and salt together.

2. With the help of a round-metal cookie cuter, we are going to fry the mixture. Place the shaper in the oil covering at least half of the shape. Then spoon in the mixture one centimeter of height. Fry until golden brown.


1. I saw in one of those one minute videos online that they made happy faces to the hash browns, so next time I make these I'll make them with emoticons faces and have a theme gathering. :)


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