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Chilled Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber Soup
Chilled Cucumber Soup

Think of Tzatziki gone thinner. It may sound odd, but on hot summer days this recipe wins me any time. I love yogurt and I love cucumbers, so when I heard of this chilled soup I was sold.

I did not need to hear anything else. It takes no time to make and if made a few hours ahead it is even better.

This recipe yields 8 to 10 cup portions.


2 cups of natural yogurt 1 clove of garlic Salt and white ground pepper to taste 1 cucumber (peeled and seedless)

1/3 cup of fresh mint leaves

Directions: 1. In a food processor, put in the cucumber and chop it as small as possible.

2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and pulse.

3. Serve cold and drizzle a bit olive oil, garnish with mint.


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