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Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich

Continuing on my tea-time-frenzy (finishing season 3 of Downton Abbey for the second time)...

This time I have undertaken the cucumber sandwich, seemingly boring, but do not be fooled by this vegetable. The potential of cucumbers are limitless and I'll show this as you accompany on my food-journey.

I'm very fond of cucumbers, in fact I can assure you I can even stew it (curacao-style), but let me stop myself there and continue on my British journey.

Today, I'll showcase a very light, vegetarian snack.

This recipe yields two sandwiches.


4 slices of white bread (casino style)

1 medium cucumber

1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

1/2 tablespoon of cornichons (chopped)

Salt & pepper to taste


1. Take the crust of the bread. Cut the slices into a round shape.

2. With a vegetable peeler, make thin strings, not discarding the cucumber peel.

3. In a bowl mix together: mayonnaise, mustard, cornichons, salt & pepper.

4. Spread the mayonnaise mixture between two slices and on top.

5. Place the cucumber strings on top of the sandwhich, in a overlapping mannner the mayonnaise mixture will help them keep the strings together neatly.



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