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Salmon & Avocado Toast

Salmon and Avocado Toast

I’ve been obsessed for a while with a British TV show called Downton Abbey.

Not only do I go on weekend-marathons of the series, but I love to research facts of the time, especially, when it comes to the food and what better staple of the British-food than tea-time, which convey savory and sweets.

Having Downton Abbey in mind I wanted to go on a sandwich-journey.

I didn’t want to just make regular sandwiches, I wanted some glamour in it, and of course, I ate these while running a marathon of the series. “Shall we have tea now?”

A few years ago, I made a dinner, and I came up with a salmon and avocado salad, which flew from the serving plate; with that recipe in mind I created this canape.

This will yield 4 tiny triangles.


1 slice white bread (casino-bread-style, without the crust)

50gr. of Lox (smoked salmon slices)

1 small avocado (chopped into miniature squares)

½ cup of cherry- balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon of olive oil

½ lemon


1. Cut the slice diagonally so it yields two triangles and then the triangles in half.

2. Toast the triangles of bread lightly, just enough so it can hold the lox.

3. Reduce the balsamic vinegar, until it thickens.

4. Season the avocado with a bit of salt & pepper, lemon and oil.

5. Assemble the open-face toast: toast first, salmon, avocado and drizzle the balsamic vinegar.


1. Make it pretty, by adding edible flowers or a sprig of dill.

2. Don't throw away the crust, it makes for great home- made croutons.



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