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Home-made Yogurt

Home-Made Yogurt

This recipe Takes me back to Being a child and watching my father make yogurt. We used to live on the outskirts of Caracas, in the mountains, fog Where would enter our living-room, and the cold-weather mountain would give you some sort of a cozy feeling.

Many times I get a surprise-reaction from people when i mention That I've know how to make yogurt from scratch for a long while.

In my family it was very usual to make yogurt, as soon as the yogurt in the fridge stock Became about 2 cups; it was time to make a new batch of yogurt. Coming from a middle-eastern family, our diet was fairly Mediterranean. We made yogurt soup, cream-cheese (labneh) out of yogurt, etc.

Do not panic, this is so easy, you'll never buy yogurt again, I promise!


One Lt. of milk

1 cup of yogurt naturally


1. Place milk into large saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat.

2. Let it cool down, and Reaches 115 degrees (my grandma's trick: place your pinky-finger and count till 10 after 10 if you feel it burns Then the milk is ready) and add the naturally-plain yogurt.

3. Cover with clean kitchen towels, wrapping around completely covering the pan. Let it stand undisturbed overnight in warm place.

4. In the morning, When uncovering, the mixture Should Have a custard-like texture. Refrigerate immediately.


1. Always keep one cup to make the next batch.




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