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Potato Salad

Potato Salad

December was a month of remembrance but also the month of indulging. This potato salad it is originally paired with the Hallacas.

The original recipe has pulled chicken, but since I paired it with the Hallaca, I decided to leave out the pulled chicken.

This recipe is a refreshing version of potato salad. As kid no party was complete without this salad on the table and as an adult this is a special treat when I barbeque.

Over the years I’ve tweaked this recipe so much that I even have created a healthy version, which of course, I will be sharing later on. For now I still feel in the indulgence mood...

This recipe yields 6 portions


8 medium potatoes (peeled and cubed)

1 green apple (peeled and cubed)

3 medium carrots (peeled and cubed)

3 celery sticks (peeled and cubed)

1 cup of frozen green peas (thawed)

3 hardboiled eggs (peeled and chopped)

1 lemon (juice and zest)

3 table spoons of mayonnaise

1 table spoon of Dijon mustard

1 table spoon of dry dill

1 ½ table spoon of salt

½ teaspoon of black pepper


1. Place potatoes in a pot and cover with cold water and one table spoon of salt, bring to a boil and let the potatoes cook half way through, then add the carrots and boil until potatoes are done (I like when carrots are still crunchy).

2. In a bowl, place the apple, celery, green peas, eggs, lemon, mayonnaise, mustard, dill salt and pepper, mix well and keep refrigerated.

3. When potatoes and carrots are done place in a colander and rinse with cold water, dry well and add to the other ingredients, keep refrigerated and served cold.


1. Add 2 pulled chicken breast to the salad, serve cold.

2. Add corn to give a sweeter side.



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