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Dutch Filet Américain

Dutch Filet Américain
Dutch Filet Américain

Across various cultures, the consumption of raw meat has been embraced as a culinary tradition, highlighting the versatility and richness of different cuisines (think sushi for example). While it may seem unconventional to some, raw meat can be enjoyed when handled with utmost care and prepared using specific methods. One such example is "Kibbeh Nayeh," a celebrated dish in the Middle East. Originating from Lebanon and Syria, Kibbeh Nayyeh showcases the art of finely grinding fresh, high-quality raw meat, typically lamb or beef, and combining it with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs. I always say, filet Americain, is the Dutch version to my beloved Lebanese one.

This dish exemplifies the importance of sourcing the freshest ingredients and practicing meticulous hygiene to ensure safe consumption. With cultural nuances and culinary expertise, the world of raw meat dishes offers unique flavors and textures that have delighted palates for generations.

This recipe yields 2 generous portions.


300 grams beef steak (such as tenderloin or sirloin, cubed)

2 pistolet bread rolls

1 tablespoon capers

2 tablespoons truffle mayo

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

Red onions, (thinly sliced, for garnish)

Salt and black pepper (to taste)

Worcestershire sauce (to taste & marinate)


  1. Begin by marinating the beef steak. Place the cubed beef in a bowl and season it with salt, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Mix well to coat the meat evenly. Allow the meat to marinate in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

  2. After marinating, transfer the beef cubes to a food processor. Add the capers, truffle mayo, and Dijon mustard to the food processor as well. Process the mixture until it forms a finely ground paste-like texture.

  3. While the beef mixture is processing, cut the pistolet bread rolls in half lengthwise. You can lightly toast them if desired.

  4. Once the beef mixture has reached the desired texture, spread it evenly onto the bottom halves of the pistolet bread rolls.

  5. Garnish the beef mixture with thinly sliced red onions and more capers.

  6. Serve with a side of arugula salad.


  1. By adding some of the capers, mayo, and mustard to the meat in the food processor, you create a flavorful and creamy, well-balanced texture, serving it with red sliced onions add a bit of crunch and freshness.



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